KFC Double Down.

KFCDoubleDown(new) This is the KFC Double Down; 2 chicken breasts with bacon, cheese and spicy hot sauce in the middle. It’s a cholesterol sandwich; a heart attack waiting to happen but I figured if it killed me at least I’d die with a full stomach and with a smile on my face and I’d die happy and have a good last meal.. Last night I had my hubby pick one up for me as he was out with the kids somewhere( but I had to pay him back; it was 10$ and he’d never think of just being NICE and getting it for me; I had to give him the $$$, plus he’s a cheap S.O.B) and I ate it before bed…..


They got me the spiciest one they had(as I love spice) and it was spicy alright…..it felt like my lips were burning and my tongue was on fire….and then an HR later it started attacking my ulcer and my stomach hurt for HRS and I wasn’t able to go to sleep until Midnight and it even hurt this morning,too!

But it was soooooo WORTH it and I would do it all again.

As well, the 20 YR old switched the hippo background I have on my computer and put Hitler on it instead as well as a voice in the background that kept repeating, “Nein! Nein! Nein!” over and over in a loop and then they all laugh and say that I don’t have a sense of humour when I got mad and I couldn’t switch it back and was having alot of trouble, enraging me even more. Why can’t he just leave my computer alone? The next time he tries a stunt like that he loses his Internet for a week. The 17 YR old also accuses me of “trying to be ‘cool'” and “thinking I’m ‘cool'” even though I don’t and I never have; I’ve never cared about being “cool”; I’ve always just done my own thing; I like what I like and I wear what I want, I don’t go along with the world or follow the crowd, and have always had a “I don’t give a shit” sort of attitude.