The Fashionista Tag.


This week i’m going to do the fashionista tag. It’s just a fun little tag so you get to know more about my style, and it’s very fabulous, I tag everyone reading this so if you want you can do it, and comment to let me know you did because I’d love to read it.

Fashionista Tag
1. What is your favorite article of clothing?  My Converse high-top sneakers.
2. What are you most looking forward to this upcoming season? (Fashion wise) Heavy knitted pullover sweaters.
3. The worst Trend/ Best trend in your opinion. Worst: sandals with socks best: ripped jeans
4. What is one thing you feel as if you can not pull off? Skinny jeans: you have to be thin to wear those.
5. Name the first outfit that comes to mind when you hear these random articles of clothing.
A. Black Leggings: Black leggings  and a long T-shirt
B.Striped T-shirt: Stripped Tee and a long black thin skirt
C. Floral Dress: floral dress with a straw hat
D. Boyfriend Blazer: White blouse, Blazer, Jeans
6. What is the last fashion item you purchased? Sock monkey sweater
7. What is your favorite part about getting ready? Putting on perfume
8. Do you like to thrift? If so, what is your most favorite thrifted fashion item? Fur coat
9. What type of clothes are you more drawn to? Peasant blouses and long flowy gauze skirts, Hippie-style
10. Who gives you the most Style Inspiration? Everywhere; I get ideas from this and that, from here and there and then I put it all together and make my own unique eclectic style

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