Nose Piercing.

NosePierced The kids had friends over and one of the kids came over to me and asked me if the 14 YR old could get her nose pierced and then added that she’d pay as her late birthday present. I was taken by surprise and not expecting it(plus it’s the first I’d ever heard of it and never even knew she WANTED to get her nose pierced; she already had 2 earrings in each ear) but I told her, “She’s too young for that now; she has to wait until she’s older.” Once the kids are 18 they can pierce and tattoo whatever they want; they have to be adults. The girls have their ears done but that’s it, anything else has to wait until they’re older. I have my nose pierced but I did it when I was 20. I did it myself actually, using a big safety pin and froze it with an ice cube. I did it way back in the mid 80’s, before it was even trendy. I guess I was just ahead of my time.When I asked the 14 YR old about it later she said she’s wanted her nose done for a long time now, like how I have it, but she’s never mentioned it before.

As well,I have laryngitis I got from my hubby as he kissed me when he knew he was sick and as well as the “froggy” voice my throat feels swollen and has lots of “gunk” in it and I’m really tired too, either from the virus or a side-effect from my new diuretic(I’m also hoping I can lose the 20 pounds  on it that I gained on my other recent med, and I’m so fat now I take a man’s size 38 pants) and I was too tired to even swim even though it was 29 C with a humidex of 38 C, and now the only way I can do gymnastics is in the pool( I used to do it from age 4 to age 20) as in the water I’m bouyant and weightless and can float so I’m still able to do flips, handstands,etc.

The 20 YR old also brought home 20 pounds of bacon from work that he got for the great price of only a dollar a pound instead of the usual 6 $ a pound so he literally brought home the bacon, ha,ha, and he put a Hitler speech on my computer so he lost his InterNet for f*cking around with my computer again and he really needs to find better things to do with his time( he chuckled how it was so worth it; how it only took him a few seconds to do and I was mad for HRS) and Buddy got fleas from rolling around in the grass so I de-flea-d him by giving him a bath and put flea spray on him.