End Of Summer.

SummerEnd I am so sad to see summer is ending. School starts up again in just 2 weeks. Summer goes by waaaay too fast. I’m not ready for it to end and I’m desperately clinging to the last of it, holding on to it as long as I can, squeezing out as much as I can before it’s gone but the signs it’s coming to an end are sadly all around me:

Our pool is being closed up next week

I saw some leaves on trees starting to turn colour already

Calgary got snow already(OMG!)

I notice the position of the sun has shifted in the morning on the porch now when I’m out suntanning

It’s darker in the mornings now and gets darker earlier at night

The temperature is starting to get cooler

You see the “Back to school!” signs in the stores everywhere

The CNE (The “Ex”) is open, the unofficial sign of the end of summer

Our begonias are starting to die off

My flip-flops have well-worn grooves in them from daily usage

The wasps are out( they come out the most in August and September here)

…..but there’s STILL 2 weeks of summer left and I’m going to make the MOST of it!