The Purple Flower.

PurpleFlower This purple flower reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to pick them all the time. They smell a bit like clovers. Every time I see them, pick them, or smell them I imagine myself wearing a flowing white gauze dress running barefoot thru a meadow of tall grass and wildflowers in the sun as the wind gently blows past.

That’s what I imagine Heaven to be like.

Let’s Go To The Ex!

CNE2015 I went to the CNE (the “Ex.”) Our annual end of summer tradition. I used to go several times every summer as a kid and teen when I lived in Toronto and even now I still get excited about it and it’s even worth the 2 HR drive each way there and back. We were gone almost 12 HRS and my feet, legs,and back are killing me but I had a good day. I feel transformed, reviltalized, and reborn every time I’m back in the city, like the “old” me again. I miss it so much and wish I could move back again. I love the rhythm of the city,too; the sights, sounds, smells, bustle,and activity of it, the multiculturalism, etc. I soaked it all in as I wandered around, feeling like I had my old life back again, even if only for a day.

I bought some incense, a lavender sachet, a bright orange dress, a hippo figurine, and leather and sheepskin “pilots” winter hat(think WWI style)and matching mitts for winter and saw 3 ethnic shows: a Cambodian dance troupe, a Danish Cadets-style Classical music band, and a Hungarian dance troupe. I also ate Chinese Dim-Sum for lunch and a Greek gyros for dinner. We stopped off at a mall on the way home so I could get a pair of socks I wanted at “Roots” and the 8 YR old was just mesmerized by the big city; he was in awe by the tall skyscrapers , the escalators, all the cars on the highways, the throngs of people at the Ex; he reminded me of those little Amish kids seeing “civilization” for the first time.It was a reminder of how pathetic life here in “Bumble-F*ck” really is. I grew up in the city and thought nothing of it; I’m used to it. We got there later than usual though as my hubby missed his turn. Duuuuhhh.