I LOVE This!!

FancyFurniture I just LOVE this fancy, elegant, swanky furniture! A vendor at the “Ex” the other day was selling it and I took this photo off their pamphlet. I didn’t have the nerve to find out the cost as I was scared to ask, knowing it would be way out of our budget but this is the style that I absolutely love; it’s like the kind that the Queen would have at Buckingham Palace! It looks so regal and ritzy but my hubby thinks it’s gaudy; he prefers redneck style like a camo recliner or chairs with a hockey logo on them( talk about tacky!) but he never did have good taste anyway. It’s just a dream for me to get this anyway as we don’t have any room to put it even if we ever did have the $$$$ and I DO like the similar-style French Provincial furniture that we have, but this is my fave. It’s not uncommon for people in countries like Iran and Kuwait to have this kind of furniture in their homes; I guess they have a higher class and better taste than people here….

As well we had an end of summer BBQ and I sent Patti a message to invite her but she never replied until later as it turned out she was out all day and my hubby said he didn’t think I was talking to her anymore (whaat? Why would he think that?) and the kids also did yardwork and the 8 YR old complained so my mother started to do his FOR him….until the other kids protested that is, esp. when she said he’s the youngest but had the “most” work when really he had the least and they “revolted” at the injustice of her coddling him and taking over his share letting him get away with it, and the 12 YR old uses a lint roller on Buddy to get rid of his loose fur when he’s shedding, and and our hydro bill is 500$ this month,too, but we only have 300$ saved up for it so my hubby had to give my mother more $$$ this month to cover it as she just doesn’t *have* the extra $$$$ to pay it! I also noticed police everywhere at the “Ex” the other day; they were everywhere( usually you just see the odd one here and there) so I wonder if they got a security or terror threat or something that day?