Burn Rubber!

BurnRubber The 16 YR old was out practicing driving down the street and as she turned around the corner I heard this really loud screeching skid and sure enough it was her! She really made those tires squeal! My hubby said at least she did get the car safely back in the driveway afterwards, but she’s a menace on the road! She said she should be driving a truck but I think maybe a TANK is more like it, ha,ha! I’d probably be like that too if I could drive(but due to my perception problem I don’t) and I’d have alot more freedom if I could as well; I wouldn’t have to depend on my hubby to drive me places, I could just hop in the car(I’d get a cute little SmartCar!) and go myself. That’s just a dream though though and like all the others, will never happen. I also had the BEST watermelon ever, a big long one , deep, dark red inside with the black seeds( not the round seedless  ones that are pale pinkish inside and have no taste) the way watermelon should be, and the way they used to be when I was a kid; and I dove into it with gusto, munching away, not even caring when it smeared all over my mouth and face with juicy dripping goodness. I always wondered about the seedless ones too; if they’re seedless then how do they grow more watermelons without seeds?

BuddyInbred Here is Buddy “Inbred”….. get it….in bread….it was the 12 YR old’s idea. I know, she has some strange ideas. She also scoffed at my new dress I wore to church yesterday saying, “WHAT is THAT? That’s hideous! That’s one UGLY-looking dress!” Apparantly it’s “faults” were being orange and having buttons but I don’t care if she likes it or not or what other people think; *I* like it and that’s all that matters! The 14 YR old calls this shit-hole town “Trench Town” as well due to it being so “ghetto” and run-down, not even knowing there’s a real place( in Jamaica) called that( and that’s where Bob Marley’s from!) and I almost died laughing because it’s so appropriate and suits it so well.The kids also had friends over, squeezing in all that they can for this last week of summer and it’s supposed to be really hot again all this week,too, in the 30 C range with the humidex around 36 C!