My Dreams.

Dreaming I have these recurring dreams lately that I’m either prego or have a new baby and I KNOW I’m NOT going to at this point in my life; I’m too old and the “baby factory” has been permanantly shut down(plus my hubby and I no longer do what you have to do in order to get a baby so it would also be impossible) so in this case they’re not dreams foretelling future events( although I do often have those, usually as a form as some sort of warning, like how before we had the fire) but rather symbolic, but I wonder what they mean? My guess would be perhaps a “rebirth” of some sort, a new start, a new beginning in some way in my life, starting over somehow,maybe even a new life in eternity? Maybe there’s a big change coming up in my life soon? They say as well that you dream in black and white too but I know for a fact that I always dream in colour and more so than not I vividly remember my dreams when I wake up and I dream several different dreams a night.

I also had this weird dream where when I was a kid my mean aunt said I was a “mystic” but didn’t want me to know and told all the relatives to not mention it, hoping I would forget childhood incidences and this was why she never liked me, and she was in another dream as well where she was arguing with another aunt and uncle( and all 3 of them are dead now) and I was witness to the disagreement. I also had yet another dream just a couple of nights ago where that time I actually was aware it WAS a dream( usually I don’t know and they’re so realistic and convincing at the time I actually think they’re real) and I said, “This is a dream so anything is possible so I’m going to FLY!” and so I did; I leaped off a building and soared above the clouds as one person asked another what I was doing and they replied, “Living her dream!”

My “fantasy” dreams would also be to be able to fly( I spent most of my childhood trying to fly actually) and to time travel, and my real dream would be to leave, to divorce my hubby, and to marry for love(that it’s still not too late, despite my age, my looks, and my limitations) and move to the Caribbean ,away from my toxic family and toxic life and never look back.