Pool Closing.

Pool2015 The pool guys came and closed the pool for the season. Of course this is the clearest, the bluest,and the cleanest the water has been all season, just as it’s closing. Doesn’t it figure though? I was able to squeeze in one last final swim before, and I never told anyone so I was able to enjoy a nice, quiet, and peaceful private swim with the pool all on my own. We’re having a heatwave all this week as well, and in fact, yesterday was the hottest day of the YEAR I think; it was 29 C with a humidex of 36 C. If we knew ahead of time it would be so hot this week we wouldn’t have had the pool closed until next week but we had already booked it.


PoolCover(new) Here is the pool now, all covered up. It’s been drained half-way to allow the water to freeze and expand for winter without it cracking the pool. I also used to think that the buzzing I hear with the heat was the wires buzzing but just recently found out that it isn’t but in fact are the cicadas, which are actually insects. Who knew? I saw girls across the street doing cartwheels on their lawn and it brought back happy nostalgic memories for me as I used to do that all the time myself. I heard as well to find happiness as an adult to do what made you happy as a kid and to follow what your childhood dream was and mine was to fly, so maybe I should have been a pilot then? I wouldn’t want to be a commercial airline pilot though as being responsible for all those passengers would be too big a responsibility; I’d prefer transportation, or crop dusting, or something perhaps. I’d love to take flying  lessons, except they’re not cheap and we don’t have the $$$$.So there goes yet another dream of mine….

My hubby also had to take the van in for a check up before their long road trip and being a Toyota things had been recalled on the steering and other parts so it was fixed and in the shop for 6 HRS but now it’s good to go and my hubby tried to re-new his license sticker,too, but was told he needed a certificate proving the van passed some enviro emissions test before they would issue it! WTF? Seriously? This country really IS so Fascist and WHY do the Enviro-freaks have so much power and so much say,anyway? Why does everyone have to jump thru their hoops before they can get anything done, even re-new their licenses now as well? You should just pay the $$$$ and get your sticker, period. This country sucks!