“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupSept2015 Catching up on everything:

  • I saw on the news there were COCKROACHES ( my friend’s little brother used to call them “clock roachers” and “croak Rogers”) in one of the public schools and have been a problem for a YR….and that they’ve been in other area schools as well. Public school….why am I NOT surprised? There was also a kid stabbed on the first day at a highschool,too.
  • I just wish I could walk away and start a new life, away from my toxic family that treats me like shit and away from this shitty country that I hate.
  • My Facebook friend( age 45) in Brazil’s daughter( who’s in medical school) just had her baby, a boy she named Mario, by C-section, so now she’s a grandmother! Parabens!
  •  I don’t even know HOW to be happy.
  • There’s an arsonist on the loose in our old neighbourhood in Toronto and he set 7 fires in just one night.
  • The 17 and 20 YR olds are always tormenting and aggravating me and I hate it. The 17 YR old kept repeatedly teasing Buddy and defying me 3 times in a row and when I got mad he scoffed, “Guess who’s on her PERIOD?” and the 20 YR old sabotaged my computer again and put an occult symbol on the screen so now I’ve locked it and you need a password to get in!
  • My hubby says he doesn’t care that the kids defy me, disrespect me, and antagonize me. I have NO support and yet he wonders WHY I hate this family and my life…..
  • The 19 YR old’s university dorm room looks like a prison cell; all that’s missing are the bars on the door. Her room-mate is also studying medicine.
  • The 20 YR old bought some kangaroo meat in the form of a pepperoni stick he got off an Australian vendor at the “Ex.”
  • When the guys got to their hotel for their 4 day adventure they found they didn’t have their reservation and the hotel was booked up even though it WAS confirmed online, so the company found them another hotel, upgrading them…..and they ended up staying at a nice 4-star hotel instead!
  • I accidently came across an ISIS photo on the Internet of a guy that was just beheaded by a machete and I saw the severed head beside the body, which clearly showed the bloodied stump of a neck and I was surprised actually that there was less blood than I would have expected though.
  • The 14 YR old decided she wants a whole new curriculum for grade 9 now so we had to order a whole different one, which should come sometime next week.
  • “Aunt Flow” came 4 days early and every month I keep hoping menopause is here but so far no luck yet….
  • The only one that loves me is my dog.