Reads We are a family of readers. In fact, we are currently eagerly awaiting a big shipment of books to arrive. The kids all read, just as my hubby and I both do. I guess they come by it naturally, growing up watching us always reading and they pick up on it and imitate us, plus, we have always emphasized the importance and the love of reading, and it’s a big part of our homeschooling curriculum. To encourage it as well my hubby always tells the kids that books are free; they don’t have to pay for them out of their own $$$$, he always does, as it’s part of learning and we want to encourage it. The 16 YR old also came back from the library recently and she reminded me of myself as a kid coming back from the library: she returned with 2 big bags bulging full of books!

Reader(new) I have always loved books and loved reading, for as long as I can remember, and when I get a new book I disappear and can’t be found until the book is done, only resurfacing briefly to forage for food or for bathroom breaks and I can remember even as a kid I won a prize in my school’s reading marathon for the most books read.(I won a fuzzy pink tennis ball.) I just love getting lost in a good book, getting transported into another world,escaping my reality for awhile, and I’m one of those people that wonders what happens to the characters in a book even after the book ends even though at that point they cease to exist. I don’t know where I got my love of reading from though as my mother isn’t a reader,and,in fact, I’ve never even seen her pick up a book! My fave. are Amish-themed novels, biographies, the Classics, and religious themes, the boys like “Game of Thrones” and books along those lines and the girls like stories like “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns.” and similar themes. When I was a kid I read all of Judy Blume’s books.

As well, I’ve had to take my “migraine-busting” pills(“Axert”) twice in the past 3 days even though up until then I hadn’t had migraines in a long time and my neurologist has me on daily medication to prevent them and it had been working well, and I remember a friend of mine from our old church saying once she was in menopause her migraines disappeared completely, the 19 YR old said her math Professor is “scary” as she’s a woman but she has a beard and moustache( I guess she hasn’t heard of electrolysis?) the 12 YR old says I “don’t like her” as I “ignored” her when she was talking to me in church even though she’s not supposed to BE talking during church, and the 8 YR old said he hopes Buddy DIES and he wants to KILL the 17 YR old in his sleep! He’s really disturbed….but of course my mother blames the OTHER kids and says no one likes him, the 20 YR old wears so many rings he reminds me of Ringo from the Beatles and when I said he wears more jewellery than *I* do he replied, “That’s because I’m more attractive!” and I had that recurring dream again I moved back to our old Toronto house only I thought it was real and said in my dream, “I always used to dream I moved back and now I actually HAVE!”