Book Review: “The Photograph.”

ThePhotograph I just finished reading Beverly Lewis’ latest Amish-themed novel “The Photograph.”Eva and her 2 sisters are still hurting after their parents’ deaths; her father a few YRS ago in a farming accident and her mother more recently from pneumonia. They are still living in the family home until their older brother Menno who has ownership of the house tells them he has decided to move his own family in and they must find other places to live. This causes great upset, and pushes the youngest, Lily,to run away and join the “Englisch” world, leaving Eva and her older sister Frona frantic in their search to find her, enlisting the help of their friend Naomi(who is like a mother figure to them since their own mother’s death) and others in the community. Meanwhile, a young man named Alfred wants to court Eva but she’s unsure of her feelings towards him but is certain she doesn’t want to marry a farmer and enjoys running the candy shop her father had set up for her where she enjoys creating new treats.

Meanwhile, while on a train to a relative’s to learn more about buggy making a young Amishman named Jed finds a photo of a pretty young Amish girl in a copy of the book “Little Women”( I love that book too BTW) along with personal thoughts scribbled in along side the pages and he’s intrigued by it and is determined to find that girl as he feels a connection to her. As it turns out he’s pretty sure that he’s met her at an auction/market when they happen to run into eachother(Jed is sure it was God’s doing; that they were meant to meet) due to a lost child; he thinks it’s Eva, and the two of them hit it off and feel a mutual attraction and spend time together but soon he has to return home but promises to write, but doesn’t tell her about the photo or the book, but the photo is discovered and a misunderstanding occurs and he returns home disappointed.

As it happened, the photo wasn’t Eva afterall, but her missing and wayward sister Lily, who ran off with her Englisch boyfriend, and over time both Jed and Eva find they miss eachother and Eva decides to not “settle” with Alfred afterall and to wait for the true love God intends for her and after some convincing from his sister Jed decides to win her back and goes about trying to locate her missing sister Lily after hearing of a possible lead.It turned out that he does find her, she’s unhappy, made a wrong choice, and wants to come home, so Jed brings her home, where she is welcomed back by her family and community and he and Eva reconcile. It turns out that it was actually Eva that wrote the notes in the book and that it was her book that her sister borrowed and it was her that Jed felt a connection with all along. They eventually become engaged and he decides to move to her town and set up shop and they find a house that will be perfect for her to run her candy shop from as well.

I just love a good love story.Sigh….I’m a sucker for romance.