KneeSurgery Patti is now home from the hospital following her knee replacement surgery so I went over to visit her and to help out. She was up in bed, bedridden, in pain, immobile and unable to do anything, she couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom! I helped her position her pillows so she was comfortable, lifted her sore leg and moved it for her, and I brought her food( pasta, chicken, and curried lentils and vegetables with pita bread) enough for her and her son for a couple of days since she can’t go up and down stairs and is unable to cook but they’ll still be hungry. I also took her dog out for a walk as she’s not able to do that either and she’s home alone all day while her son’s at work. She was very thankful for the food and for the help and said I’m a “life-saver” and she “loves me like a sister.” It’s nothing really, I just thought, “What would I need and appreciate the most after surgery being bed-ridden?” and I thought, Someone bringing me food and walking my dog” so that’s what I did. That’s what friends do.Later on another friend also stopped by with a pizza so they’ll have food for a few days.I’ll check in on her every day until she recovers more.

She said the surgery only took an HR too which surprised me, I thought it would have taken much longer and she had the choice of a local spinal anesthetic or to be put asleep and she chose to be knocked out even though she was nervous about it; she has only “been under” once before, when she was 11 and had her adenoids removed. Everything went well though and now she has to wear these tight elastic stockings to prevent blood clots( I had the same ones during and after my last surgery,too,and they were sooo itchy and tight and annoying) and is on 3 meds: painkillers, for blood clots, and for constipation. Since she’s home alone and needs help she’ll be getting a public health nurse coming in from next week to help her out. Her dog’s also in “heat” and I had her scent all over me (I walked her and was playing with her and cuddling with her) so when I got back home Buddy could smell it and the poor dog was going wild and kept sniffing me and now he’s even hornier than he usually is!

As well, my doctor’s office called and I have an app’t with him next week to “discuss my test results” so something showed up in either my scan or my Pap smear, just as I’d figured, and as it turned out the 21 YR old’s friend DIDN’T really die like he’d told me she did afterall; he’d just said that, so here I was, praying for her all this time, but it’s good she’s ok,and him and the 17 YR old were rubbing the Bible on their privates saying they were “f*cking God” etc… being blasphemous, purposely just to annoy me because they know it bugs me. They really need a hobby and need to find something better to do with their time…

Throw-Back Thursday.

T23A day at the lake.

T24 Peek-A-Boo!


T26 Do we look wet?

T28 Santa’s little helper.

T29 Giraffe? What giraffe? I don’t see a giraffe….

T30 Anyone want a cupcake?

T31 Underwear Head Club.

T32 “I swear to do my Duty on the Queen…..”

T27  I love my pony!