The Starry Night.

StarryNightWall Here is the 16 YR old’s bedroom wall in progress( not too far to go to finish now!) she is replicating van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” copying it off a picture she has and painting it onto one of her walls. It’s coming along really well,don’t you think? She has definitely inherited my love of drawing, writing,and creating! (Just as long as she doesn’t go insane, cut off her ear, mail it so someone,and commit suicide, we’ll be ok!) I also decided what I want for my Christmas gift: an oil paint-by-numbers hippo set( but the adult kind, not the kids’ one!) and a hippo latch-hooking set. I’ve always loved artsy-fartsy stuff. There was a “disclaimer” of sorts in the church bulletin this week as well saying that due to any “misunderstanding” last week that the CHURCH supports and encourages donations to the Syrian refugee crisis relief, so saying in a subtle way that the PRIEST’S comments last week were his alone and NOT that of the church as an organization, distancing themselves from him, so I bet they received alot of complaints about him….

Buddy77 Here is my sweet Buddy “cocooning” under a pile of blankets cuddling up keeping warm. He’s just the cutest little thing! I wish *I* could hibernate all during the cold months,too, just crawl into my bed under the nice warm covers and not emerge again until it warms up again, and I need to move to the sunshine( the Caribbean!!) to bring much relief from all my stresses and away from this toxic environment that destroys my spirit and makes my soul die a bit more each day, and now I heard on the news this Fascist racist gov’t is going to set up some sort of hotline where you’re encouraged to call in and report “Un-Canadian” cultural practices, such as polygamy, child marriages, etc. but hinted it’s leading up to Muslim women who wear the niqab,etc…this country REALLY sucks and there’s NO freedom, with religious intolerance and persecution only getting worse. I hate this place so much and I have to get out!

As well, I found out we have NetFlix( I never knew about; no one ever tells me anything) so I checked out which movies are available to watch something but it was shit-less; either a few movies I’d already seen, really old movies, or the majority were ones I’ve never even heard of, but nothing good! For 2 days in a row I tried to get the pumpkin pie DQ Blizzard and they’re STILL sold out so I had my hubby check again today since he was out all day running around doing errands but he couldn’t be bothered as it was just something for me and not important, and when I was reminding him of something he jeered how I “always go on and on…” and that everyone “just ignores me”… but I HAVE to keep repeating myself over and over because no one ever *listens* to me and my voice is never heard,; anything *I* say doesn’t matter, doesn’t count, and isn’t important.

There HAS to be more to life out there…..