War Hammer.

WarHammer1 The 20 YR old got this kit of make-it-yourself tiny little men and tanks for a battle game called “War Hammer”. You get to mix and match and custom-make your own designs, armour and colours yourself to your own liking so that each piece is unique. When they’re all done you can then use the pieces to play a game with other players. I remember seeing an entire store in a mall in Ottawa that sold pieces for it. First they have to be assembled, piece by piece, meticulously gluing on the arms, legs, etc. and then they have to have several coats of base and paint. He is seen here delicately applying a bit of paint. It takes HRS and days and weeks to complete.

WarHammer2 Here it shows how small they are. They are built here( they come on “sheets” of parts you have to take off and assemble) are now they are awaiting to be coated. They remind me of those little green army men my cousins had when we were kids. Of course being us with our bad luck there was a critical part missing; an entire sheet which incl. the most important part for one of the tanks so he called them to send out a replacement but of course they were closed over the weekend so he will try again later today when he gets home from work. He was so pissed off( I don’t blame him) We really ARE cursed! These kinds of things always happen to me,too. We *ALWAYS* end up being that unlucky and rare one-out-of-a-million  that ends up with the defective product, or where parts are missing or broken.Every.Single.Time. Guaranteed.

DQBlizzard Guess what? After 2 days of looking here at DQ for the pumpkin pie Blizzard and they were always sold out my hubby was in another town doing whatever he was doing and checked there and they HAD(they don’t have anything here!)it so I finally got it! It was a large one which I also shared with the 8 and 12 YR olds. SOOOOO yum-yum! The 20 YR old’s friend in California also said she hopes to come up here and visit us over Christmas( and it will be her first visit to a foreign country,too!) so her coming to this shit-hole will be “slumming” and I wonder what she’ll think of the cold, the winter, and the snow?At least she still gets to leave after though; I’M still stuck here!

The 20 YR old’s hair grew so much and so wild as well it was sticking up and out all over it almost looked like a white guy’s Afro so I gave him a haircut,and I was thinking if reincarnation really WAS real I’d like to come back again as a hippo(naturally) and in church yesterday there was a guy sitting behind me that looked like he was in the Russian mafia and he had on this cologne that made me wild, and the kids now like to go to the 11 am Sunday Mass(they don’t like going with me as I always go, “Shhhh!” and don’t let them talk) but I still go to the 5 pm one as I prefer it as it’s just less of a rush but the odd time I have to go at 11 am if I have to go out later.