Pilot Jacket.

PilotJacket(mineNew) This is my new pilot bomber jacket! I have always wanted one just like it and here it is! Of course it’s not real sheepskin or leather but it’s a pretty good imitation and it looks real and all I care about is the style! I can’t afford 500$ or so it would cost for the real thing( this one was only 50$) but it looks the same and I’m happy with it. I also got the matching hat and mitts(which are real sheepskin and leather) that I got in the summer at the “Ex.” The inside is lined as well and it’s nice and warm. The perfect fall and spring jacket. All I need are the goggles and I’m all set to go, ha,ha!

I also had yet another migraine; my fourth recently so I probably should call the neurologist and see him again and not wait until my yearly app’t which isn’t again until next May; maybe he can put me on another medication, and now the 12 and 14 YR olds are doing scrapbooking, and we noticed on the 20 YR old’s gov’t ID it had his height as 72 cm so obviously someone wasn’t paying attention and no one checks or notices as that’s just around 2 1/2 feet tall so he’d be a dwarf! Typical ineptness and incompetence in this half-assed country though so I can’t say I’m surprised. A 13 YR old that  the 12 and 14 YR olds watch on YouTube suddenly died as well and it’s hitting the 12 YR old esp. hard, most likely as he was close to her age and she’s never known anyone who’s died before and it’s not usual for a 13 YR old to just suddenly die like that and I assume it must have been some medical issue or maybe he had some sort of head injury or something like that…it’s sad though either way.