Fall Splendour.

Leaves1 You have to admit fall is a beautiful time of YR. Even though I’m sad summer is over the leaves ARE pretty.

Leaves2 I esp. like the Maples as they turn a pretty orange.

Leaves3 It’s sort of sad though when you really think about it: the pretty leaves are also the dead ones. 😦

HappyDog Here’s also something I found on Facebook for Buddy! I LOVE you Buddy, you are my BEST friend! ♥

My Hairstyles Over The Years.

Me1 Here are a few photos of some various hairstyles I’ve had over the YRS. This one is from 2002, blonde and perky.

Me2 Later in 2002, longer and a “Bob”, blunt style.

Me3 2003, auburn, a short wispy, feathered cut.

Me4 In 2004, long  and blonde.

Me5 In 2004 again, now black, and a Pixie cut.

Me6 Spring 2007, long,auburn, with blonde highlights.

Me7 Later in 2007, now short and blonde.

Me8 Long and straight.

Me9 Winter 2002, short and spiky.