ColdSnow I fear pretty soon it will soon look like THIS here! When I took Buddy out for his morning walk it was only 0 C! It was soooo COLD! We both had to wear our heavy sweaters and my ears and fingers were cold! It’s only going up to a “high” of 7 C and overnight tonight down to -3C! It was even cold inside the house too and we had to put the furnace on for the first time since last winter! The 19 YR old( away at university) even got SNOW flurries where she is and my cousins further up North are supposed to be getting 15 cm of snow….that’s a pretty good snowfall,esp. considering it’s just OCTOBER and not even winter yet! We also bought a new snowblowers, tired of all the shovelling out the driveway, and my hubby should be thinking about getting the snow tires put on the van anytime soon,too! I’m not ready for this…

As well, I found out the now-21 YR old’s old childhood friend from Cubs is GAY now which came to me as quite a shock considering the devout Mormon family he came from and I’ll bet if his parents( who both died recently) knew they’d be spinning in their graves! When I heard he was engaged to a “Josh” it didn’t register at first and I thought, “Wait a minute…that can’t be right, what kind of woman’s name is Josh?…..” and then it hit me after awhile,”Ooohhh…..oh, I get it, it’s a GUY…..oh, he’s gay…oh, ok….” The 17 and 21 YR olds also went to Toronto for a special jiu-jitsu thing and the 21 YR old said he hopes Buddy dies(just because of how much it would devastate me) but luckily he seems fine now; no more blood in his ca-ca and he’s back to eating and running around being his usual self again, thank God, and the 17 YR old said to me, “The world would be a better place if you killed yourself!”(NOT what you should ever say to some who battles depression!!) Why ARE they always so MEAN? What have I EVER done to “deserve” this? It just makes me distance myself from them and withdraw from them even more. My family is so toxic.

The kids are also being lured away by the world and away from God even though that’s NOT the way we raised them; they even say things like people that choose to live sinful lifestyles are “born” that way and that GOD “made” them that way, when in actual fact GOD doesn’t “make” ANYONE sinful; it’s their OWN choice, and sin comes from Satan and the world’s influence, not from God,plus we also have free will. That’s just like excusing a pedophile, a rapist, or a murderer, “Oh, they can’t ‘help’ it; they were ‘born’ that way; God ‘made’ them like that.” BULLSHIT.For one thing, why would God say something’s a sin and then make you that way? It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know where they get these worldly ideas from though and then when I try to explain it they say they have a “different opinion” but there’s a difference between differing opinions and contradicting God’s laws; me liking hippos and Reggae, for instance, and them liking giraffes and Pop music, would be an example of a difference in opinion and that’s ok because there’s no sin, but when it comes to God’s Truth it’s no longer about “opinion”.