Election Results.

Trudeau We had the federal election and as I had feared the Liberals won….and a Majority gov’t which means that they can pass any laws that they want without any opposition. Justin Trudeau will be our new PM. I think it was more of a “strategic voting” sort of thing; a “Anyone but Harper” idea where everyone wanted to get rid of Harper and figured voting Liberal was the best way to do it.It’s also alot of Cult of Personality, swayed by his charm and good looks; they unfortunately were fooled and drank the Kool-Aid! People in this country are even dumber than I THOUGHT! Not only have the Liberals destroyed Ontario and turned it from a “Have” province into a “Have-Not” province, now they’ll have TEN provinces that they can destroy,too! When will people ever learn?

As “nice” as he may seem( and it might just all be for “show”) he IS still a Liberal and they’re all the same and can’t  be trusted so I’m wary, and rightfully so. He *seems* like a nice enough person as an individual and I have nothing “against” him as a person but the Liberal Party’s policies are less than something to be desired and I also think alot of people voted for him merely because he promised to legalize marijuana and it seemed like nothing more than a popularity contest; he’s young, popular, and good-looking,and the most popular of all the candidates and sort of a “Trudeau-mania” swept over the country; it’s just like highschool where the pretty, popular kids always get picked for everything. I AM still going to give him a chance and see what he can do,but he doesn’t have any experience( although I’m sure he will have political advisors) and is just going on his father’s famous name( Pierre Trudeau was PM when I was a kid, and he was the PM that legalized abortion in this country and enacted the War Measures Act, turning this country into a Police State) but I’m not getting my hopes up. I think it is cool though that he’ll be moving back into his childhood home  and that he will now be raising his own family in the house he grew up in!

I’m also hoping if I’m lucky with a new gov’t in power I’ll no longer have my $$$$ deducted by the gov’t, that my “debt” will no longer be standing, so I’ll have some more $$$$ to work with and it’s so pathetic that we’re so poor now,too, and my mother said it made her really sad to see that the 14 YR old saved up her OWN $$$$ to buy food for herself because we just don’t have the $$$$ and she bought good stuff,too, like peppers, mangoes, kale, etc. and not junk. Maybe a new gov’t will increase the monthly benefits it gives to all families with children under the age of 18 as well and we’ll have a bit more $$$$ coming in? I can only hope….we sure can use all the help we can get!