ENT I went to see the ENT specialist and I’d say he was probably in his 60’s and had a German-sounding accent and he seemed nice. He looked into my ears, nose,and throat and said I have very small, narrow nasal passages and sinuses and that’s why I’m always stuffy and it feels swollen all the time and can’t breathe thru my nose and why I’m a mouth-breather. He also said my ear canals are narrow as well.(I’m deformed!) He shoved a miniature camera up both nostrils up as far as it could go as it was the creepiest-feeling thing ever!It gave me the heebie-jeebies! He said one side is narrower than the other and I’ve already had the surgery to correct my deviated septum but what he decided is I can have a minor surgery where he cauterizes vessels and somehow widens the nasal passages, allowing more air to pass thru, enabling me to breathe better. The surgery WAS going to be booked in just 2 weeks…but exactly on the same day I have the app’t with the orthodontist(it figures) and I waited MONTHS to get that app’t, so now it’s booked for early December. I wonder if I’ll have black eyes afterwards,too,like I did the last time I had nose surgery? He also agreed I should get the jaw surgery to improve my bite and chewing but the oral surgeon does that. With the nose surgery I have it done early in the morning and then get to go home later that same day; it’s just a day surgery, like when my mother had her eyes done.

As well, when my hubby dropped the kids off for their activities I went along to be dropped off shopping as I wanted to look for a 2016 Bob Marley wall calendar( which I did end up finding, luckily, as well as a “Pusheen”(it’s an animated fat grey cat) calendar the 12 YR old wanted me to pick up for her) but on the way there we were so rushed and in a hurry and running late( like always; the 14 YR old didn’t even have her boots on but hopped into the van with them in her hand and put them on in the van) and we had turned down a couple of blocks and I realized we had FORGOTTEN THE 8 YR OLD!! He was still back at the house getting ready, luckily unaware that we’d left without him! When I mentioned, “Uh, where is————? Isn’t he supposed to be coming with us?” everyone just gasped and then burst out laughing and we had to turn around and go back and get him! With so many kids though it’s not hard for someone to get lost in the shuffle; one more or one less……who notices? 🙂