The Sequin Slippers.

SlippersMine When I was shopping the other day I bought a pair of glam sequin slippers. My old slippers were all worn out and I really needed a new pair. These are lined inside and are nice and warm. They remind me of ballet flats. They come in many colours and I tried them all on but liked the blue ones best. I’ve always liked sequins and they remind me of the 70’s, when people on the variety shows(like The Sonny & Cher Show) and in the discos always wore sequins and the movie stars wore long sequin gowns at the Academy Awards and looked so glamourous.I can’t afford a sequin GOWN( and have no place to wear one,either) but the slippers are do-able. For an extra 2$ it also came with a 3 YR warranty that if it wears out before 3 YRS I just bring it back to the store and they will replace it with a new pair for free so I’m guaranteed slippers for 3 YRS! My old ones were sheepskin and suede and only ever lasted a YR before they wore out! The clerk also said as I was checking out it was slow that night as everyone was at home watching the BlueJays baseball game and how “exciting” it was and I just snorted and rolled my eyes and said it was boring and I don’t give a crap.

I also bought a cute “Onesie” hippo PJ at another store. I needed a new PJ anyway,and besides, it’s a HIPPO; it comes with a hippo face hood! The 12 YR old thinks I look “cute” but the 14 YR old accused me of trying to be “cool” and thinks I just look stupid; apparantly “everyone” is wearing Onesies now, but I didn’t even know; I just like them as it’s nice and warm for winter, and I’ve never followed trends anyway; I don’t CARE what “everyone” is wearing; I wear what I like! The 17 YR old has a Onesie unicorn as well so we can be the Onesie Twins!  I also feel like I want to shave my hair to a Buzz-cut again as well and I’m debating whether or not I should, and I found out that “Klepto” was just using the 16 YR old to get closer to the 17 YR old who she likes,and as well as a thief she’s a compulsive liar and starts rumours,too, so they’re no longer friends.Child Welfare also took her sister’s baby after just 2 weeks. That’s so sad but they’re known for destroying lives and not minding their own business. She’s better off without someone like that and a life lessen learned: people suck, be careful who you trust,and choose your friends carefully. I can still remember J; my so-called “friend” who just used me for where I could take her and what I could buy her but talked shit about me behind my back and tried to turn my friends against me.

Patti also came by and she thinks my new slippers look like the Wizard of Oz shoes( except they aren’t red) and she’s going in for knee replacement surgery ( like my uncle in Florida had done on both his knees) Monday and has to stay in the hospital for 3 days, and her dog’s coming into “heat” now too and poor Buddy was going wild and even hornier than he usually is, and my hubby and the 14 YR old kept mentioning “Satan’s Day” (Hallowe’en) purposely knowing it annoys me, even when I asked them to stop and my hubby said not mentioning it doesn’t make it go away and I *know* that, but they don’t have to bring it UP,either; we CAN still try our best to ignore it!