Medicinal Marijuana.

Cannibis I heard somewhere that marijuana can prevent and help migraines! (among many other various medical ailments)Truth be told, I would be willing to try *ANYTHING* for my immobilizing headaches( even though I AM already on medication for, have come back again) and I would even try pot if there’s a chance it would help. I figure, God MADE the cannabis plant He must have had a reason, such as for medicinal purposes, right?(and aren’t alot of medicines derived FROM plants?) so it can’t be wrong. I’ve never tried it before, however, and it would be a whole new experience for me and I have no idea if it’ll even work, how I might react, or what it’s even like. Would I even be aware of it’s effects, for example; when people are “stoned” do they even KNOW that they are, and would other people be able to tell? I’m actually tempted to try it and see and if it does help then go ask my doctor for a prescription for medical marijuana. My mother said just to get the pill-form but I think that would sort of take all the “fun” out of it, don’t you think?(Ha,ha)

Of course I have no idea where or how to get it even though it’s said to be readily accessible in this town and easy to aquire but I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to look into it or how to ask. For one thing, I don’t want to give the impression I’m a pothead desperate for a hit, or end up arrested or something!I mean, I can’t just go up to people and ask where can I buy pot!  As it turns out I know someone who said they “know people” who sell it but when I asked if they can get me some their confidence and “bravado” quickly vanished and they suddenly got all awkward and weirded-out about it. The new federal gov’t said eventually they’re going to legalize it so I suppose in time you’ll just be able to go into a specially licensed store and buy it, like people do for alcohol.Of course like with anything else the gov’t gets it’s hands on it’ll also be TAXED to death….

Of course then there’s the dilemma of when I do get it then what do I DO with it? I mean, do they sell individual joints or just the marijuana itself and you have to roll your own? I can’t even roll and wrap COINS (which are much bigger) so there’s no way I’d ever have the dexterity or nimbleness to roll a joint; I’m so clumsy and fumbling  I’d end up spilling the pot all over the place in the attempt! Then of course there’s always the bong, which they sell at the corner store, but,of course, I also have no idea how to use, but I suppose I could find a How-To on the InterNet, or I guess I could always make pot brownies(which would probably be the easiest) but just be careful that the kids don’t get at them….

I seriously can’t even believe that I’m even considering this, thinking about this, or writing about this, but I’d try anything to get rid of my killer headaches! Of course I wouldn’t do it in front of the KIDS, but rather somewhere secretly, in private, like sneak off out to the shed, or do it up in my room and if they ask what the “funky” smell is I can just say it’s my incense… 🙂