A Monster Storm.

StormyWeather We’re getting a reeeeaaaallly bad storm today and going into tomorrow, the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, they said we’re expected to get a MONTH’S worth of rain in just one day! That’s a shit-load of rain! It’s forecasted we’ll get up to 100 mm of rain and 100 KM/HR winds, and we’ve been told to hunker down, stay indoors, have emergency supplies on hand, and prepare for power outages and downed trees. I brought in the scarecrows and decorative leaf garlands I had outside yesterday( I was going to on Friday anyway so it’s just a couple of days early) so they wouldn’t blow away and get drenched in the rain, and I put the patio umbrella in the shed , the garden gnomes away for winter hibernation and covered up the garden statues as well,and the garden plants and hanging plants all died when we had the first frost anyway so they’re already gone. It will just be a day to stay indoors( except for when I have to take Buddy out to go to the bathroom; he HATES rain but I’m not exactly a “fan” of it,either!!) and hope the basement doesn’t leak….

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