The Orthodontist.

Orthodontics I saw another orthodontist (I need to refer me to the oral surgeon for my jaw surgery) since the last one I saw in May has retired. This guy has his office in a shopping mall and it’s really big and fancy and the sign-in was on a touch screen which I have never seen before, it was all so modern and high tech. He looked at my teeth and just like the previous orthodontist and the periodontist agreed my over-bite and misaligned jaw is too severe and that surgery is the only way to fix it, only he said it would require 2 surgeries; one for the roof of my mouth and palate(it’s very high, narrow and arched) to widen it and another for my lower jaw.He said he’d have no problem referring me to an oral surgeon for the surgery…

But there’s a problem…

ONLY if I *ALSO* have orthodontic treatment WITH it, incl. teeth extracted and braces, costing well into the thousands of $$$$ that we just don’t have and can’t afford(and I felt really embarrassed about not having the $$$) and I told him so; I was up front and honest and told him I could only get done what our provincial health plan covers or my hubby’s employee dental coverage from work, but “cosmetic” dentistry isn’t covered such as braces. They WOULD cover the surgery but not the rest and we had to pay 80$ just for this visit and he said the next one would be to make up a treatment plan, costing 400$ and the pre-Op work would be an additional 2500$ and the braces somewhere around 10 000$…..there’s just no way, plus I’d need to have 6 teeth pulled before they’d even do the surgery and he said something about moving some teeth forward.

….so now I have 3 specialists that all agree I need the surgery( which would help my breathing, my bite, my ability to chew, and my digestion; having my teeth straight is secondary but not even my main concern, it would just be an added bonus and the other guy said with my jaw widened there would be enough space that they’d just straighten out on their own eventually) but he’ll only give the ok if I do the entire “package”……so I’ll just have to have either my regular dentist or my family doctor refer me to the oral surgeon then. His stomach kept growling loudly too and he accused me of “not having any lunch” when it was really HIM!

As well, it’s warm all this week, even up to 18 C or higher so we’re back outside again and Buddy and I were in the yard and he kept sniffing the air and whimpering and looking at me and going to the door, indicating he wanted me to go inside, so we did, and it seemed he might have picked up the scent of something and was warning of a danger, like maybe there was a bear or coyote or something nearby, and he was whining alot during the day as well and sticking extra close to me, so is there something wrong with me perhaps even and he can somehow “sense” it? I got him more dog food too and he could smell it right thru the bag and kept trying to get into the bag!

I also saw on the news a Christian singing group was refused a permit to sing in a public square in Toronto because in their songs they use the words “God”, “Jehovah”, and “Jesus” as they sing songs of praise and it’s against their rules as they think they’re preaching and trying to “convert” people…yet the gays ARE allowed to prance around half naked downtown flaunting their depravity and sin in their Pride parade so I guess freedom(and freedom of expression) doesn’t work BOTH ways! This is clearly a case of religious discrimination and religious persecution and they said they’re going to sue as their rights are being violated, which they are. Everyone should have the right of religious freedom and religious expression but this country is trying to squash religion and every mention of God; they’re even trying to take Christ out of Christmas and kids in schools aren’t allowed to have Christmas pageants in schools anymore now,either yet they CAN still have “Satan’s Day”( Hallowe’en) parties that glorify the occult and honour Satan and the demons !