Test Results.

UltrasoundScan I saw my doc to find out my test results. My Pap test was normal but as for the scan I was right: the liver bile duct is still enlarged and it also showed an enlarged liver a cyst on my right kidney and something-or-other on my right kidney measures a different size than on my left. My potassium is also still low as is my vitamin D.I KNEW they’d found something! The doc said I’m a medical mystery that has him “stumped” and he’s referring me to a GI specialist and an Internal Medicine specialist to find out why my potassium keeps being depleted( he blames my diuretic even though it got switched and for the past few months I’ve been on the potassium-sparing one) and said he’s “really smart” and if anyone can figure it out it would be him. He’s also the same doctor my mother has and she really likes him. The GI guy’s job is to figure out why my liver and bile duct’s are enlarged as I don’t fit the usual reasons: I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t have hepatitis, and I don’t have high cholesterol.

My theory? I’m wondering if there might be some connection with the kidney cyst and the low potassium, like maybe it absorbs potassium but for the liver I have no idea but maybe it’s somehow related to the Obstetric Cholestasis I had with my last pregnancy that caused liver failure and jaundice? I also showed him my swollen legs and my concern with fluid retention as I’ve gained 20 pounds of fluid in just 2 months but he said it’s NOT edema as when he pressed on it it didn’t leave a dent…..but that just means it’s not pitting edema…..duuhh…then he said it’s just the way my legs are…saying I have fat legs…which I DO, but they’re also badly swollen and I wasn’t like that before and I can tell the difference, the elastic from my socks even leaves an imprint… Then he says I should go OFF the diuretics! Is he KIDDING? If it’s this bad on them imagine how much worse it would be if I went OFF them? I bet I’d accumulate so much fluid it would probably be around my heart and lungs,too….I swear, that guy is such a twit, but hopefully the specialists will have some answers…

I also wore my colourful Krishna shirt which he liked and he said, “That’s a cool shirt! Who is it?” so I said, “It’s Krishna” and I asked him what his thoughts were on medical marijuana for migraines but he said he “doesn’t write prescriptions for that” and it was funny the other day too after I lit one up I went and sat on the porch swing at the back waiting for it to “hit” me, just sat there waiting for it to take effect, waiting for something to happen, for my perception to change and nothing did, I never felt any different and I was told that it often doesn’t work the first time and that it can take a few tries but when it does work it takes effect immediately.It did get rid of the headache though, within the first 5 minutes, I just never got “high”.

I was also thinking how truly sad it is that I never got to experience love, romance, or passion in life and I probably never will. I missed out on so much in life and how truly sad and pathetic is that? It’s truly heartbreaking to realize that one day I will die without ever experiencing it and I’m tired of always chasing dreams.