The Chairs.

ChairQueenAnneStyle Our diningroom set is 22 YRS old and the chairs have all fallen apart. They looked similar to the one pictured here. Most people only use theirs a few times a YR on special occasions but we use ours every day as we do our homeschooling lessons in the diningroom so we’re using the chairs all the time. The arms, backs, and seats had all fallen off so we had to get new ones despite our financial situation, so we just had to wait for a sale. I didn’t have any problem with that….my problem was that my hubby got them and didn’t let me go WITH him to pick out the new chairs, I had no “say” in the decision whatsoever, my opinion wasn’t asked or even  considered, the kids were mocking me as I would have chosen something “ugly” anyway and when I found out I was very hurt by the snub.

At first I never even knew he WAS getting new chairs; he just came back one day and told me he’d found some that suited our needs but he was waiting for them to go on sale and so I was asking questions about it, like making sure it was cherry wood to match the rest of our set; the table and the china cabinet, and that the chairs had the “Queen Anne-style” legs like the old ones did and that also matches the rest of our decor….and then they (him and the kids) all started roaring with laughter, not knowing what “Queen Anne” legs even ARE ( because they’re uncultured and have no taste) and were  ridiculing me over my Queen Anne legs and my Louis XV chair, etc.

They’d shown me a picture of the new chairs and I wasn’t impressed; the legs weren’t Queen Anne-style; they were just straight,and the cushion was an ugly chocolate brown colour, but they said I don’t have a say in the matter and kept reminding me that I’m not part of the decision …..yet they wonder WHY I feel like an outcast in my own family and feel pushed aside and like an outsider. I’m NEVER a part of *anything* or included, or involved in ANY decision and my opinions, thoughts, preferences, and needs are never valued or considered. They don’t understand why I’m so unhappy in this family and why I want out even as they treat me like a second-class citizen. As for the chairs, it was cheaper as a set with a table, and we got it for 65% off. I gave my hubby a piece of the old chairs so he can match the wood/colour and as he drove by he just tossed it out the window right in front of me too, just to piss me off.

I want a new family.

As well, we also got HAIL! Honest-to-God ice pellets even though it was 11 C and it was bouncing off the pool cover and making it vibrate, and a neighbour told my mother that her dog( a big hairy dog) was attacked by a pitbull and spent a long time recovering in the animal hospital with neck and throat wounds! It’s lucky to still be alive and a little Dachshund like Buddy would have been torn apart, so it’s good that I DO carry a knife with me for protection when we go for our walks so if we get attacked I can just thrust the knife into the dog’s throat in defence! The 17 YR old also said the first time he saw Buddy he thought he was “funny-looking” and out of proportion and thought,”What the f*ck is THAT?” but now he thinks he’s cute.