Remembrance Day.

WhitePoppies Today is Remembrance Day, a day to remember and honour  those that served and were lost in war, mainly WWI and WWII but ALSO in the military today and THAT’S what *I* have a problem with. I am anti-war and am only for peace. I DO understand the need, however, to DEFEND oneself from tyranny( such as the Nazis) and from invasion, but NOT to invade another country,and that’s what the military and the wars today are about; just because you don’t like the ruling party, the leader, their system of government or their policies, or to steal their resources and I DO NOT support that.

WhitePoppy(new) Modern-day wars(such as in Iraq and Afghanistan,for example) have been waged against countries that have never been a threat to us and therefore are unjustified. I think it’s wrong to glorify the military and to treat them like heroes when they slaughter innocent men,women,and children. Because of this I refuse to wear a red poppy or take part in Remembrance Day in protest. Instead I pray for the innocent VICTIMS of war, the innocent civilians that are killed,displaced, become refugees,etc.and I pray for peace. I don’t honour the oppressors, those who COMMIT the atrocities of war,nor do I promote, encourage, or support war or the military in any way.

WhitePoppy I happen to live in a VERY pro-military town and I think I must be the only one who doesn’t wear a poppy but that’s ok because I don’t define myself by what other people do and I’ve never been a “sheeple” that’s gone along with the crowd anyway. It almost seems to be an “obligation” of a sort to wear a poppy,too as EVERYONE is wearing them and even the news reporters on TV all wear them; it’s like it’s mandatory something, but it’s nothing more than nationalism and being pro-war and pro-military which I refuse. God commands us, “Thou shall not kill” and I take that Commandment very seriously. It doesn’t state “Thou shall not kill EXCEPT……”

As well, when I woke up this morning my fluid retention and swelling was so bad even my eyes were puffy and so much so they were almost swollen shut and my lips were even more blue, incl. the area around them now,too,and when I took Buddy out for his walks I always kept yawning, likely my body starved for oxygen and trying desperately to get more in; I seriously think it must be  heart failure( and I’m sooo tired lately as well and have no energy at all) and my grandmother died of a heart attack just before she turned 50 so there’s the genetic factor,too ……My mother snickered, “Well, if you do die by the time you’re 50 at least you’ll get what you wanted!”… “Oh, I hope not!” or “I hope you’re ok!” or something like that; I think she hopes I’ll die soon too!

I was also cleaning the area around my computer on my desk and the 21 YR old started filming it cackling, “Oh,look! She’s actually cleaning! She’s actually DOING something and helping out and being productive!” and the 14 YR old clucked how HER blog is “more popular” than mine and how she gets more views than I do…..why ARE they always so MEAN to me? My family sucks! I actually DO hope I die soon because I’m tired of living like THIS! I’m sick of always being treated like shit. I’m miserable and I hate my life.I’m ready.