Internal Medicine Specialist.

doctor(new) I saw the internal medicine specialist and he agreed my fluid retention and edema is concerning, as well as my blue lips, shortness of breath, enlarged liver, 20 pounds gained in 2 months and low potassium. He said he thinks it’s likely due to a tumour on my adrenal gland and possibly a heart problem; that the tumour produces excessive hormones which cause high BP and deplete my potassium and also causes the fluid retention and weight gain and it strains the heart, which, in turn, if you have a heart problem, can enlarge the liver. It would all be a tremendous strain on the body and can become life-threatening and the tumour(if it turns out that there is one) may or may not be cancerous.

So, I am to have blood work done to check for the hormones and their levels and  an echocardiogram to check my heart and then based on those results we go from there but if it shows suspicious with the hormones then he said he’ll order either a CT scan or an MRI to get an imaging of the adrenal glands and if there is a tumour they remove it surgically. He was also going over my medical files with me and I saw on it along with the long list of medical issues it said “bipolar” which is news to me; no one ever told ME that; I thought I just had ordinary depression!

As well, I also visited the 17 YR old in the hospital again and he was “upgraded” from the “critical” high-risk patient area to another room which has doorknobs and isn’t under audio and video survellience. They said they think he will be discharged tomorrow morning and then go for counselling every 2 weeks for 3 months and they’re only putting him an an anti-anxiety medication but NOT an anti-depressant and he’ll be seeing a counsellor NOT a psychiatrist and I don’t think that’s enough; I mean he TRIED TO *KILL HIMSELF,and when I was suicidal I saw a psychiatrist once a WEEK and I’m still on 2 anti-depressants! I just don’t think that will be enough  to help him and it’s been such an emotionally exhausting and draining past few days and I’m having nightmares and not sleeping well; I’m scared for him and I’m scared for us….

The second-oldest who lives and works in Japan is even coming up here for a visit to see him she’s so worried( she’s on a plane right now as I type this) and her boss gave her a week off work, or longer if she needs it. We’re all so stressed and worried; it’s been a VERY long few days…

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