Japanese Kit-Kats!

JapaneseKitKat Our second-oldest is visiting from Japan and she brought us over a bunch of Japanese sweets and treats, incl. Japanese-style Kit-Kat chocolate bars and they come in unusual flavours such as green tea, sweet potato, bean paste, and strawberry. The bean paste wasn’t that bad actually, and the sweet potato kind of tasted like orange. The green tea was ok and I didn’t try the strawberry because I hate berries. Here we have it just regular , dark, or white chocolate with the wafer but nothing exotic like this!

It’s nice having her home for awhile and it’s sort of like she’s just here early for Christmas. She’s jet-lagged though and really tired as the time difference is like the difference between day and night. She had to connect planes in Dallas and the airfare was 1000$ but it’s usually 1500$ but there was a sale this time so she was lucky, esp. with getting her ticket last minute because the further ahead you buy it saves money.

My hubby’s brother is also going to Hawaii and staying for a few MONTHS the lucky bastard, and my hubby and the 17 YR old were making fun of me because I wear Converse sneakers( I like the Chuck Taylor high tops) and they say that I’m “too old” but I don’t give a shit, I like it and I wear what I like (but I don’t appreciate them hassling me) and don’t follow some “list” or let society dictate what I wear or don’t wear, and the 17 YR old mocked me too,pretending he was me,saying, “I have a tragic life! Give me attention!”and then snickered, “You’re NOT a special snowflake!” and my hubby was supposed to pick up Advent calendars for the 21 YR old and I ( the others already had theirs) but forgot one so the kids said the one they got was his as he’s “more important”(than me) and they always say things like that and demean me and I’m sick of it. The 21 YR old also ate 3/4 of my bag of chips as well. I’m always being disrespected and treated like crap.

My family sucks.

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