Our Tree.

Tree2015 This is our Christmas tree. I put it up yesterday. I don’t normally do it this early but it’s been a hard week and I felt that I needed a project and a diversion to distract and occupy me.For the past 2 YRS the kids haven’t participated in either decorating it or taking it down, leaving all the work up to me to do all by myself so this YR I didn’t even ASK them to help but just did it all on my own only I simplified to make it less work for just one person; I did less lights and fewer decorations and to limit decorations this YR I had a “theme” : gold, silver, white, and glass ornaments only. Then after it was all done the kids had the nerve to get mad and say why didn’t they help and got mad I didn’t put the “good” (read: tacky) ornaments on. Well, that’s just too bad, isn’t it? Maybe they should have helped before. If my mother had HER way we wouldn’t even HAVE a tree at all; she said to not even bother ! My hubby still hasn’t put the star on though; he’s taking forever and I said if he takes too long I’ll just do it myself and then the 16 YR old scoffs if I DO then she’ll just take it down.

See what I have to put up with?

As well, we got a surprise: the 19 YR old came up from university to visit to make sure the 17 YR old’s ok but she can only stay for 2 days though as she’s in the middle of exams. No one even knew that she was coming though so we were all surprised.(What next, the oldest?) The oldest also said when he called the 17 YR old in the hospital someone else answered the phone but he thought it was him so he said in his best “black man” voice, “Yo! Wassup nigga? Ima suck yo dick!” and the guy got the 17 YR old saying, “Someone on the phone says they want to suck your dick!” He thought it was funny though luckily but never knew it was his brother, otherwise he’d likely think our whole family’s crazy( and perhaps we ARE) and that we should get a group discount and get a family suite at the psych ward! Another patient went into his room as well and stole the corn pops we brought him!

My mother’s trying to “con” the 21 YR old into helping to pay most of the second-oldest’s costly airfare from Japan as well since he has a job and has some $$$$ even though it’s really not his responsibility and I don’t think it’s fair, and when asked he replied, “She’s got a job!” and the hate and Islamophobia that’s occurring as back-lash following recent terrorist attacks reminds me of the anti-Semitism and how the Jews were treated in Germany during WWII and there always seems to be one specific group that’s singled out and targeted for blame,hate and  discrimination, and it’s not right. You can’t blame an entire group, race, or religion of people for SOME extremists and anyone who uses terrorism in the Name of God is perverting religion.