High In the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been smoking the reefer for my migraines I haven’t had a single migraine! I wasn’t getting “high” however, but the past 2 times I THINK it might have started to work(maybe my body just had to get “used” to it or find out what to do?): my pupils dilated and my eyes were bloodshot. It lasted for about an HR and the first time I spent the entire HR staring at my bloodshot eyes in the mirror and stroking my hair and then I got really hungry and went downstairs and made a sandwich! It was 12 HRS or so after I had last taken my anti-depressants in the morning(and before I took my bedtime one) so that might have something to do with it; maybe they interfere and react with eachother and one has to be out of my system for the “high” to “work?”

The second time was the same as the first except I wasn’t hungry that time and I laid on my bed and listened to music and watched the patterns on my wallpaper. Everything was also more “clear” and 3D ,sort of like when you put on 3D glasses and watch a movie in 3D. It was so funny as well as the smell was wafting out of my bedroom and the 17 YR old goes, “It smells like weed!” and I nonchalantly passed it off as “It must be my insense!” and he snorted, “RIGHT!” and then passing by in the hallway the 21 YR old said, “Do you smell that awful smell’ that SKUNK outside?” and I just laughed my ass off and went back to my room. Later on my hubby also complained to me, “Your room REEKS; it smells PUTRID!” They also call the Reggae I love “Stoner Music” and my oldest affectionately calls me a “Pothead.”


As well, the kids ruined the Christmas tree; I had a “theme” only putting up certain ornaments and then they came along and added others,and my hubby said they “wanted to be a part of Christmas”…..even though they HAVEN’T bothered to help me decorate OR dismantle the tree in 2 YRS yet NOW they decide to?Why, just to wreck my creation? I also realized that with his long beard that Santa looks like an old Amishman,and my hubby has REALLY over-done the outdoor Christmas lights on the house this YR; it reminds me of Clark Griswold’s from that National Lampoon movie “Christmas Vacation.” There’s so many it’s downright tacky and gaudy(or as the French would say, “Tres gauche!”)and we’ll likely blow out the electric power in the entire street!

I also realized that the 17 YR old almost died( and God SAVED him!) 4 TIMES: before he was born when I had the massive hemmorage( so bad it even soaked thru my mattress,and I still have the stain) at birth when he wasn’t breathing and he had to be resussitated, when he had leukemia,and then his recent suicide attempt. His Guardian Angel must have a hard job and be so stressed and should win Guardian Angel of the YR award,and probably wonders what he did to deserve such a difficult assignment and the 17 YR old is like a cat; he has 9 lives! It’s obviously NOT his “time” and God must have a plan for him…

We had our first SNOW yesterday,too, a light “dusting!”