The Lab.

LifeLabs So I went to the lab to have my blood work done….but they told me that I was supposed to have the test done in TWO parts….and that the first part had to be done before 8 am and the second part just before 3 pm… I’d have to re-book and come back again another day so it was just a waste going down there all for nothing but luckily I wasn’t too pissed-off because I got to get out of the house and at least it wasn’t too far, only 5 minutes or so away. I asked since it was the afternoon if I could just do the afternoon part of the test then and come back another day for the morning part but they said they both had to be on the same day.

Doesn’t it figure? Just MY “luck.”

As it turns out they’re measuring for certain hormones in the blood that are secreted if you have a tumour on your adrenal gland/s; one should be high and the other should low if a tumour is present and I guess the levels change depending on the time of day so once I got home I went online to book another app’t and wouldn’t you know it…..all the morning app’ts were all already booked up until the middle of DECEMBER(I guess for all the people that have to do the fasting tests) and then I finally got one( and an afternoon one the same day,too) and just in time as my follow-up doc’s app’t to discuss the results is a week later!

Next week I go have my echocardiogram to check my heart and then the week after I go to the hospital to get my nasal passages widened and then the week after that the blood work and then the following week I see the doctor, so that’s an app’t every week. I feel like a broken down old jalopy. I need an over haul!