2 Truths And 1 Lie.

Pinocchio 2 of the following statements about meinself are true and 1 is a lie…..but can you guess which ones are true and which one I just made up? Scroll down at the end to find out if you’re right.

  • When my cousin and I were kids we were both jumping off the railing off his veranda at the front of his house. I was around 6 and he was a few YRS older. I was fine but he landed the wrong way and broke his ankle.
  •  When I was in Turkey I could have got arrested! I could have been thrown in an infamous Turkish prison! My mother and I were browsing in a local shop and she knocked over a bottle of perfume by accident with her bag and the shopkeeper tried to make her pay but she refused…..and he chased us down the street and all around the block and we ran and ran….until we got to a safe area where he couldn’t get to us!
  •  I was in London at the same time of the bombings a few YRS ago.




………The last one is the lie. I WAS there just 2-3 days BEFORE the bombings occurred though and my hotel was on the same street of the attacks and I had taken a double-decker bus down that same street.