The Grinch.

Grinch The 12 YR old is a Grinch. So is the 16 YR old, although to a lesser degree. The 12 YR old hates Christmas music and I have it on every day now and she’s always complaining about it! She sounds like those Politically-Correct blow-hards that go on and on, being anti-Christmas and not wanting to hear about it, and, I mean, who hates Christmas music? I love it because it puts me in the “Christmas spirit” but it just drives her nuts. I call her “The Grinch”. The 16 YR old also complains and says she’s not going to celebrate Christmas until it’s Christmas,and she doesn’t want to hear Christmas music, or see snow, or even think about Christmas. The two of them are just a couple of Scrooges, or humbugs. I start getting ready and getting the house ready, for Christmas, in November! It takes alot of preparation and work, and besides, I happen to LIKE the festive decor and spirit, unlike SOME people….

As well, it’s looking “hopeful” I think for the 17 YR old following his suicide attempt a couple of weeks ago: he’s back to doing his school work now and he also spent alot of $$$$ buying new clothes, so he must plan on staying around for awhile which is a good sign, and I’m debating about maybe posting less here on my blog as I’ve been getting less readers lately, and after 7 YRS or so I’m starting to run out of ideas of things to post about every day, and I ran out of “herb” (for my migraines) as well and I haven’t heard back from my “herbalist” so I wonder if maybe the police are watching him or something and he’s just “laying low” for awhile, or maybe my hubby even “intercepted” him and threatened him and warned him to stay away or something?(I wouldn’t put it past him). He hasn’t replied to my message in a week and I know his computer’s not broken as he’s still posting otherwise…did something “scare” him off perhaps?

I also woke up during the night out of a dream and my jaw locked which was painful and it does that at times due to being misaligned but the jaw surgery will remedy, and when I get my nasal passages widened next week it will help my breathing as will the jaw surgery as well, and if there IS something with my heart as suspected when that’s dealt with it will also improve my breathing,too, as will also getting rid of the 20 pounds of fluid I’m retaining, no doubt also surrounding my heart and lungs; everything combined affecting my breathing and once dealt with should make a big difference….I can’t wait….