Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

UglyXMasSweaters My hubby, the 17 YR old, the 21 YR old,and the 12 YR old all got Ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to the jiu-jitsu family Christmas party and boy,and they ever UGLY! They are ugly with a capital “U” and are just so tacky and hideous that words couldn’t even begin to describe them! My hubby ordered his and the 17 YR old’s online from the same company that made the gaudy sweaters for the newest Seth Rogen movie, I think it was from a company called Tipsy Elves or something like that. My hubby’s has all these weird festive designs on it with these shiny gold balls and the 17 YR old’s is a Christmas-themed unicorn. The 21 YR old has 2 actually; one with emojis and another where Santa is bent over showing his butt-crack,and the 12 YR old’s is the least tacky; it’s just a snowman.

My mother said she actually LIKES my hubby’s sweater and doesn’t think it’s even ugly,and in fact said it’s NICE for Christmas! He even added lights to it to add to the gaudiness and I tried to find a hippo ugly Christmas sweater but I couldn’t which I found to be surprising considering that Christmas song, “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”. Oh, well. I think this YR he’s outdone himself in tackiness and if there was a prize for the most tacky he would definitely win!

As well, it’s Patti’s birthday this week and I’m going to take her out to dinner and I also got her a gift( lavender bath and body products), and I get my nose procedure as well where they widen my nasal passages so I can breathe better and I won’t always be stuffy and I wonder if I’ll also end up with black eyes? My “Herbalist” said he was coming over as well( so I was a happy girl) but so far he never did and I wasn’t able to go and have my bath while I was waiting either in case he came and I was up in the tub and my mother refused to get the door for me in case he did; she said she wants nothing to do with the transaction and doesn’t want to see it or have anything to do with it….yeah, “thanks” for your help….so I never ended up having my bath( and now I feel all grungy)…and I never ended up getting my “herbal remedy” either….at least not so far…shit…