Sponsor A Hippo.

WWFHippos I’ve decided for my upcoming birthday gift from my hubby I want to adopt/sponsor a hippo from the WWF. For a donation I can adopt/sponsor a REAL LIVE endangered hippo( the closest thing to actually having a hippo myself!)and I also get a sponsor package: a little hippo plush toy, a hippo poster, a hippo info card,and a tote bag,and I’ll actually be helping a hippo at the same time! Isn’t that just the *perfect* thing for a hippo lover like me? I first found out about it on a TV commercial so I went to their website. You can adopt/sponsor various types of endangered animals but for me, of course, the choice was obvious!

As well, my “herbalist” DID come later last night afterall; he showed up just before I went up to bed, and my hubby was home and he goes, bewildered,”WHO was THAT?” and I replied, “A friend….” and it was funny when he showed up it was just a minute or so after the 21 YR old had ordered a pizza and he thought it was the pizza and they said, “Wow….that was fast!” I got a special “treat” this time,too: the rolling papers were “cotton candy” flavour and tasted sweet and they were a nice robin’s-egg light blue colour, but I noticed that this time I only had 4 instead of the usual 5 but he said he was hurried in rolling them and one was an extra big fatty but it was still the same amount, 2 grams I think he said it was(I just like having 5 as I can space it out having one every 3 days and it lasts me 2 weeks), and this time only one of my pupils dilated, and everything looked 3D and I felt relaxed, calm, tranquil,and not so anxious and I had a good sleep but most important is it helps my migraines

My hubby and kids finally noticed my Buzz-cut as well and they hate it….no surprise, and kept insulting me,too, saying I look like a man, look like I have cancer, etc. and that they liked my other style( the “Pixie” cut) better( why do people always wait until AFTER you cut your hair to tell you that?) but I didn’t do it for them; I did it for me, and *I* like it, and besides, that’s just the way they are; they always insult me and they’re mean, no matter what I do,anyway, so I might as well just do what I like,and I can always still grow it out later if I change my mind. It’s my Sinead O’Connor look. 🙂