Turbinates I had my nose procedure done (at the local hospital at the Minor Surgery dept) and it was quick; only 10-15 minutes or so! First of all, what I had done was to have my nasal turbinates( as seen in the illustration here) cauterized, and shrunken down smaller, thereby widening the nasal passages and allowing for more airflow so that I’m not always so stuffy and I can breathe better. Turbinates  are those thingies that hang down up in your nose(that look a bit like testicles) and whose function is to catch dust, bacteria, etc.and block things from entering the nasal cavity which’s why they don’t want to remove them entirely, just shrink them down.

Both my turbinates were very large, blocking most of my nasal passages, with the right side one “really big” the doctor said but they were both very enlarged. The first thing he did was put what looked like a wrench on my nostrils to hold them open and he inserted a wad of something all the way up both nostrils( which was really creepy-feeling) soaked in a local anesthetic and waited a few minutes and then he removed it and injected 2 syringes( 1 for each side of my nose) of local freezing, and I could taste as it also dripped down the back of my throat as well and it was just gross; really bitter and awful.Then he inserted a laser thing(which looked like a mini soldering iron) to cauterize the turbinates, and I felt like a jolt, or a zap, like an electrical shock,which he did about 3 times on each side….and that was it! It bled a bit after and my nose and upper teeth were frozen for about an HR but I went home right after.I also bought my fave. donut( a jelly-filled on the inside and white powder on the outside) at the hospital cafe on the way out but had to save until later when my face wasn’t frozen!

A few HRS later it started to hurt,and felt like when you get hit in the nose with a ball( think football or soccer ball) and I keep sneezing and a clear discharge keeps running out but I’m not sure whether it’s due to the procedure or if I’m catching the cold that’s going thru the house. Swelling and stuffiness should go away in about 2 weeks and then I should be able to notice the difference and I’m looking forward to being able to breathe thru my nose for the first time in my LIFE……

As well, the 21 YR old bought this big-ass 75 inch flat-screen TV for his ROOM(I think he’ll just mainly use as a glorified monitor for his computer games) and it hurt that even after I was nice enough to take the 12 YR old to the corner store when she asked she still was really reluctant to even share one small piece of her chocolate bar with me( esp. when *I* always share with HER!) and it just symbolizes how the kids think about me and treat me and she only finally DID give me a piece when I told her if that’s the way she’s going to act then I’m not going to take her to the store OR share with her again.

I think I’m going to smoke a nice big fatty and then go to bed….