ISIS(new) I wonder: is it possible that the terrorist group ISIS could be the Anti-Christ mentioned in the Bible? I don’t think it necessarily has to be just one individual, couldn’t it possibly be an organization; a GROUP of evil? ISIS, otherwise known as the Islamic State, would most certainly qualify. Even by terrorist standards they are by far the most brutal and horrific and commit the worst atrocities. No wonder there are so many refugees fleeing Syria, not only fleeing the civil war there but also ISIS, and we have   several bags of clothing we’re saving to donate to the refugees and it’s shameful how so many people are rejecting them, and as for the so-called Christians that are turning their backs they should keep in mind that JESUS and the Holy Family were once refugees, TOO, when He was a baby and had to flee King Herod and escape to Egypt,and besides, we are commanded to love thy neighbour.

TrumpHitler I was also disgusted to hear US Presidential candidate Donald Trump suggest banning all Muslims from immigrating and it reminded me of the Nazi policies in Germany in WWII , trying to eradicate the Jews in Europe, and how there’s always one group of people that are singled out, blamed, and targeted for hatred and discrimination and it’s not right. You can’t blame an entire group, race, religion, or people for some extremists. People use the excuse saying you can’t compare the two as the Jews were peaceful and the Muslims aren’t except the majority ARE and are just as horrified by terrorism as the rest of us are and cringe at it even more so every time a terrorist is a Muslim as the resulting  backlash against them and the Islamophobia is very real and it is them that pay the price.

In the minds of the terrorists they also see it as a war against Islam and in a way they aren’t wrong; there really is racial profiling, discrimination, backlash,hatred,racism, and paranoia directed against Muslims and this in turn can radicalize some people and make them turn to extremism,and so it goes; it’s a vicious cycle. We need to STOP the hate, the violence, the fear, the us VS them mentality, the division, the paranoia, the xenophobia, the racism, the discrimination, and the suspicion. We need to learn that ISIS and all terrorism is our common enemy and a global threat, no matter what our race or religion, and anyone that commits acts of terrorism in the Name of God is perverting their religion.