Dinner With Patti.

EastSideMarios Originally I was going to take Patti out for her birthday on Friday to a Chinese buffet but then she changed her mind,saying she was going out for her birthday with her sons instead so we re-scheduled it for Saturday and I was really looking forward to it esp. since I hardly ever get out of the house or go anywhere(other than to church or medical appt’s)…but then she cancelled out on me AGAIN saying her kids surprised her with a birthday outing again and she asked to re-book our dinner yet AGAIN but I told her to just forget it; I’m tired of getting my hopes up only to be let down,and who’s to say that she won’t do the same thing and cancel out on me again if she gets a better offer?

In the end it worked out ok though as I ended up just going out to dinner with my mother to East Side Mario’s instead but I was hurt and upset with Patti, and disappointed, esp. since I used to have another friend in Ottawa that always did the same thing; we’d have plans to go out shopping or to the theatre and she’d always end up cancelling out on me when something better came up and I’m always the one that people cancel plans on; like I’m just the last resort they only call me up or go out with me if they have nothing better to do and don’t get any better offers and even if they made plans with me they cancel if something better comes up and I’m sick of it. I think if you’ve made plans and gave someone your word you should stick with it and KEEP your promise, unless, of course, you’re sick.Your word should be your word; it’s the right thing, and the polite thing to do.

Patti was furious and got really snippy at ME(sent thru a scathing Facebook message) though for being upset and for NOT re-scheduling; she wanted us to go on Tuesday but I’m wary she’d just cancel again,anyway, and I don’t want to keep getting my hopes up only to always have them dashed and she’s shown that she’s NOT reliable or dependable, and she should have just told her kids that she already HAD plans and had already promised someone else and for them to get together some other time but she didn’t; she just left me in the lurch,and not once, but twice. I just asked her to let me know when she’s at home so I can drop off her gift.Or not. I don’t care anymore. I’m leaving it up to her…

At least I enjoyed my pasta dinner and I twirled my linguine around my fork, foisted it up into the air, and toasted, “Screw you, Patti! I LOVE my pasta dinner!”All this just because I was nice enough to try and take a friend out to dinner for her birthday.Why do I even bother?

F*ck it.