“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupDec2015 Catching up on things:

-I heard what sounded like every siren in town and the 14 YR old was with my hubby driving by and saw a BODY with a white sheet over it under a balcony and yellow police tape surrounding it like a crime scene, so it looks like someone either jumped, or was pushed, off a balcony so THAT’S what it was!!. Not much happens in this hick-ass town, so this is the most excitement we’ve had in YRS.

  • My hubby was being a jerk so I told him, “You SUCK!” and then the 8 YR old said to me, “and YOU swallow!” and we were just shocked and stunned and cracked up laughing. He obviously got that from either the 17 YR old or the 21 YR old and has no idea what it means.
  •  I have a cold now. Ugh.
  • The kids were remarking how we hardly have any gifts under the Christmas tree( because we’re so short of $$$) and how it looks “empty” so now my mother bought everyone a container of “Pringles” chips and wrapped them up and put them under the tree.
  • The 18 YR old saw the dermatologist for his bad acne and he’s putting him on Accutane for 5-9 months but it has really bad side-effects, incl. depression and I don’t think it’s worth the risk, esp. for him considering his previous suicide attempt and there must be something else they can try that’s safer….
  • The 17 YR old went on a 3 day weekend Cadet activity.
  • The 14 YR old tripped over Buddy and stubbed her toe on him and now it’s all bruised and really hurts.
  • I was looking for an Obama bobble head for the 12 YR old for Christmas but wasn’t able to find it. She’s obsessed with him and I figure if I got her a special gift that maybe she’d love me again….
  • The 12 YR old hates the song “The Little Drummer Boy” and has altered the verses where it goes, “Bar rum-pa-pum-pum” to “Barack Obama….”
  • I had a dream that my mother kept telling everyone that the 8 YR old is HER son.
  • I found out that the 8 YR old’s been sleeping in my mother’s room, in her bed with her, for quite awhile now, once again, even though we’ve been thru this with her before, and he’s supposed to be in his OWN bed in his own room. I’m tired of her always undermining me with my kids.
  • My family has damaged me to the point where I no longer want to be a mother and I am so broken and shattered as a human being from my life that I no longer want to exist anymore.
  • I prayed my way thru it and God delivered me thru it.
  • My mother was critical I might have lost my friendship with Patti but if she’s going to dump me as a friend( and she even denied cancelling on me twice even though she did; on Friday and Saturday) over this  then I don’t need this shit and I’m better off.