Blood Work.

Bloodwork I went to the lab and had my blood work done and I had to go twice in the same day: at 7:50 am and then again at 2:40 pm to have my aldosterone and renin levels checked at different times of the day.In the morning they took 4 vials and in the afternoon only one. In the morning it was cold: only 4 C and I had to wear my heavy sweater and wool hat, but for the afternoon app’t it was really warm( unusual for December!) a balmy 14 C and I just wore my pilot bomber jacket!

Patti also bragged on her Facebook that a friend of hers is taking her to see Phantom Of The Opera and that they have 600$ each balcony seats and staying overnight at a hotel, knowing that I wanted to go but can’t afford it, and  to make it even worse is I know she’s just using the guy too because she told me before that  he likes her more than a friend but that she only likes him as a friend but goes out with him anyway as she still gets to go places for free, but it’s not nice because she’s just leading him on and giving him the wrong message and using him. She also talks behind her friends backs to other friends so I can only imagine now that she’s talking about me,too…

It also “gets” me that the family is bending over backwards to accommodate the 17 YR old in HIS depression and suicide attempt( and I completely understand that) such as re-arranging all the kids around( eg. doubling- up the 12 and 14 YR olds so they have to share a room now)so he can have his own bedroom…yet they NEVER have for ME with MINE, but rather blame me and hate me for MY depression and other limitations and treat me like I’M just a burden with mine, so what gives? Why the difference? Why do they go thru such efforts and lengths to help him with his  and go out of their way yet condemn me for mine? WTF?

As well,my hubby told me that he never got me a Christmas gift using the excuse I “never told him what I want” which is bullshit when he KNOWS I love hippos and all he has to do is to find hippo stuff and he knows I’d like it, and he also hissed that I’m “terrible”, “rude”, “inconsiderate”, etc. and I told HIM that HE’S always critical and belittling, and it’s sad that going off to my room and lighting up a joint is my only escape from my  family and I face a hidden darkness and pain that threatens to pull me under, and he also snickered that Christmas is a “pagan” holiday as it used to be a pagan Roman holiday but it’s now been reclaimed for God,and sneered that Hallowe’en (Satan’s Day) is “more ‘Christian'” than Christmas is even though it’s STILL the most “holy” day for Satanists and the holy day is the day AFTER, All Saint’s Day, and he scoffs that the church is “full of hypocrites”, always poking fun of and insulting religion and God and anything that’s important to me and that I value.

We used to do the Elf On The Shelf for the Christmas season as well for a couple of YRS but last YR I kept forgetting to hide him in a different spot each day and he’d stay in the same spot for days and the kids kept on forgetting to bother to look for the little bugger every day,too( and Buddy tried to eat him as well) so we didn’t do it at all this YR.