The Stump.

TreeStump “An old stump lies forgotten in the woods. The great tree it once supported was chopped down generations ago, and whoever cut it down left the stump alone, expecting that it would just die and rot. But that didn’t happen. After many, many years, it is showing signs of life.A tiny new shoot is growing on that ancient stump.It is green and vulnerable, barely noticed, but it’s there- a quiet miracle if ever there was one.

Though it’s strong branches may one day provide shade and shelter, today it’s just a twig.Cartloads of fruit may come from it later, but for now, a single gentle bud blossoms.”- The Word Among Us, December issue, page 23.



seed The excerpt above made me think of myself,and after the misfortunes, misery, and traumas of my own life, my own brokenness and despair, like the Phoenix rising from the flames, I will one day rise from it, strong,healed, and whole, in Heavenly glory. I have been defeated, buried, beaten down,and dead emotionally in this lifetime but in the Eternities I will rise again into a new life, a newly created blossom, vibrant with new life.