Test Results.

TestResults I went online to find out my blood test results so I wouldn’t have to wait in suspense until next week when I see the doctor but it took me 2 days of trying before it *FINALLY* worked and I was able to get in and access them! The first day the stupid thing refused to accept my e-mail and password; it kept saying they were “invalid” no matter how many times I tried throughout the day and then the next day I tried again and for the first few attempts it kept rejecting the file number they gave me for my report but eventually it worked(even though I never did anything different; things just don’t work for me;I’m convinced I’m a “jinx!”)…and just as suspected and what the doctor was testing for: I have very high aldosterone levels, an adrenal tumour “marker.”

Not only is my aldosterone level high but my renin level is low,and the aldosterone-renin ratio is “significant evidence of aldosteronism”, meaning an over-production of the steroid hormone aldosterone, and there are 2 causes: either a tumour on the adrenal gland OR the adrenal glands are enlarged and over-active and produce too much aldosterone, which in turn, are responsible for my symptoms: high BP, fluid retention, depleted potassium, etc. The average aldosterone-renin ratio is 53 or less and mine is 98 and anything higher than 84 is a positive result. My aldosterone level is also 988 and the average range is between 83-979 and the average renin level is 5.0-60.0 and mine is 10.1 which is considered to be low.

When I see the doctor next week what he had said before is that if I tested positive for this he’d book either a CT or MRI scan for visual confirmation of a tumour and put me on a medication to lower the aldosterone level which also is a potassium-sparing diuretic and if it is a tumour surgery removes it and will also eliminate 3 of my 7 meds, and if just merely enlarged adrenal glands that are over-active it can be controlled with medication. Either way, I’m glad to finally have an answer to my symptoms and to soon be able to have some relief! I was also doing research on it and they often do a AVS test as well where they thread a catheter up your femoral artery in your groin up into both adrenal glands and take blood samples to test the levels of aldosterone in each one and if higher on one side than the other it confirms a tumour on that side but if both sides have the same amount indicates  not tumour-related.

As well, on the local radio station they said if you want to see some really cool outdoor Christmas lights to come to OUR house and they gave our address, my hubby now has laryngitis with his cold and he sounds like a Munchkin from the “Wizard Of Oz”, “Mr.Bill” from the old SNL, or like he sucked helium out of a balloon, and I ran into Patti when I was walking Buddy and she was walking her dog and she was ok and we’re still friends, and she said she actually got ADDICTED on the painkillers after her surgery and now has “withdrawal” since her doctor cut her off “cold-turkey”; she was on them for 6 WEEKS! When I had my last surgery I only took them for the first 2-3 DAYS! I also dread Christmas because I fear that I’m going to be the only one without a gift under the tree; that no one will bother to get or make me a gift; symbolic of how no one cares about me, how my family treats me,and how I’m always over-looked and left out.