2 Truths And 1 Lie.

Pinocchio 2 of these facts are true and 1 is false. Can you tell which one is the lie?

  • I have met PM Justin Trudeau.
  •  I have had an emergency landing: coming back from London we were almost out of fuel and running on fumes so we had to make an emergency landing. ATC didn’t want us to come in but the pilot told them to clear a runway because we were coming in and we landed, refueled,and were on our way.
  •  When I was a kid my mother always told me that if you lick a frigid metal pole in winter your tongue would stick but I didn’t believe it so one day at recess I tried it in the school yard and it DID stick! I couldn’t get it off and then the bell rang and I panicked so I just ripped it off and it was really bleeding and left a layer of skin behind on the pole! It really hurt, but it really impressed the boys, who came back later to take a look at the skin still stuck to the pole!…………..









………..The first one is false.

I’ve never met our newest PM although I DID meet former PM Mulroney when I lived in Ottawa. I took my visiting grandmother on a tour of the Parliament buildings and we ran into him! He shook my hand and I couldn’t believe it and said, “Is it really you?” and he laughed and said, “Yes, it’s really me!” and when we got back home I said to my grandfather(who had opted to remain behind), “You’ll NEVER guess who we ran into!” and he jokes, “Who, the PM?” and I replied, “Well, actually, yes!”