California Girl.

CaliforniaGirl The 21 YR old’s friend arrived from California and she’ll be visiting us over Christmas and staying for 2 weeks. We crammed as many kids as we could into the van to meet her at the airport and as they were waiting for her to arrive, clear customs and get her luggage the 17 and 21 YR olds were wreaking havoc at the airport, handing out candy canes , pretending that they worked there and annoying other passengers. They were also speaking French and people kept saying to them, “English! English!” I swear I can’t take them anywhere and they’ll probably put them on the No Fly List and I’m pretty sure after what happened last time that they’ve probably been banned from all of Europe!

When our guest arrived at customs and they asked what she was doing here/the nature of her visit she said to visit a 21 YR old boy she met online, the WRONG thing to say( they were thinking child trafficking or runaway or something sinister like that) so they whisked her away to a special room where they interrogated her for an HR and it wasn’t until she showed them a letter of consent from her parents that they let her thru! I bet she must have been scared shitless,and despite all the travelling that I’VE done( been to 35 countries, flown more than I can count and passed thru countless airports) I STILL always get nervous everytime going thru customs! Even though I’m NOT a drug or arms smuggler or a terrorist they are soooo intimidating and just have a way to make you feel like a criminal and it’s very unnerving!

When she stepped out of the door at the airport it was funny as well: it was cold and she could see her breath and was confused and didn’t know what it was as she’s not used to the cold! If she thinks it’s cold now she should see it in Jan/Feb. when it gets down to -35 C or so! She wanted to go shopping at the Eaton Centre as well but wasn’t impressed with Toronto as a whole and thought it was “ghetto.” She also keeps getting lost in our house trying to find the bathrooms( we have 3) and trying to find the bedroom she’s sleeping in. Her and the kids are having fun though hanging out and even though it’s really boring here they’re taking her around town and trying Canadian stuff, like poutine, salt and vinegar chips,etc.

The 19 YR old’s also up visiting from university for 2 weeks over Christmas, and the 21 YR old got a big box of meat from his employer for a Christmas gift full of sausage, ribs, tenderloin, roast, etc. easily at least 150$ worth of meat,  and he scoffs that I got the adrenal tumour because I’m “lazy and don’t exercise” (even though I DO walk Buddy 3-4 times a day plus swim in the summer….that’s not exercise?) when in actual fact the unrelenting and debilitating fatigue and lack of energy is BECAUSE of the high levels of aldosterone the tumour creates and when I asked our parish priest to pray for me as tests strongly suggest I have an adrenal tumour he asked, “Is that good or bad?” Well, gee…..I don’t think a TUMOUR *anywhere* is ever GOOD…..

I went and saw the new “Star Wars” “The Force Awakens” movie as well and it was really, really, really good! I even forced myself to stay up late to go see it and when we got the tickets I had the guy try and guess which movie we were there to see( they were showing 3 movies at the cinema) and he had no problem picking the right one( ha,ha) and my lame-o hubby made me wait until the very end,too, until all the credits were over thinking there would be a little extra at the end…..and all that for nothing….and I was tired(but he couldn’t care less)and just wanted to go home after! He’s such a dick.