Doctor’s App’t.

I saw the internal medicine specialist to go over my test results and my echocradiogram was good and he said I “have a strong heart” and the blood tests were what I saw online; high aldosterone which he said is due to either a tumour on one of my adrenal glands which he prefers to call a “growth” rather than a “tumour” as “tumour” sounds more like cancer and they are almost always not cancer, or due to enlarged adrenal glands being over-active and producing too much of the steroid hormone aldosterone. He said if it’s the tumour(I mean “growth”) I’d go to the hospital in the city an HR away and have the surgery there but if it’s just over-active adrenal glands medication would take care of it.

In the meantime he switched me to a better and stronger diuretic(Spironolactone) to get rid of the 20 pounds of excessive fluid I’m retaining as a result and he put me on a high dose to flush it out quicker and I have it for 3 months, 2 pills a day. It also spares potassium so my body won’t be depleting it anymore and it lowers the aldosterone level at the same time, so a 3-in-1 deal and it also replaces 2 of the medications I’m currently on! He said if he were to hazard a guess though he’d go with the over-active adrenal glands as my aldosterone reading was in the high 900 range and with tumours it tends to be alot higher, like in the thousands but you never know, it still could be either so they want to be sure so they run further tests.

He said of all his YRS in practice,which must be 25-30 YRS or so, he’s only had 2 other patients( other than me; so that makes me the third now) who’ve had this(as it’s very rare) and one had the tumour/growth and the other had the over-active adrenal glands. He’s scheduling me for an MRI for visual confirmation either way; to see if there is a tumour or not(and to rule it out) or enlarged adrenal glands and if it is a growth I’ll be in Intensive Care following surgery and will have to stay in the hospital for 3 days so it’s apparantly a much bigger deal than when I had my gallbladder out. I guess when you add the condition “tumour” to ANYTHING they get all extra cautious about it…