GloriaTheHippo Remember Gloria the hippo( pictured here) from the movie “Madagascar?” Well, picture her rotund body and you can imagine what *I* look like naked. I look just the same except I’m not grey and I have boobs. My hubby replied to that, “We LIKE Gloria!” and “You LOVE hippos!” and I answered, “Yeah….but NOT sexually!” At least I hope my new diuretic will work and I’ll lose the 20 pounds of water weight I gained with fluid retention and my new pills even taste like mint! It’s also been 2 weeks since my nose procedure and I’m still just as congested as always so it doesn’t look like it made any difference. Doesn’t it figure?

I changed my blog format as well because I was bored, the 8 YR old said when I die that Buddy( the dog) will be the only one at my funeral(and he’s probably right since he’s the only one that loves me) and I had a funny dream that the kids got me a bong for Christmas(which would be funny) but in actual fact I’ll probably be the only one who doesn’t get any presents(and we’re even shorter on $$$$ this Christmas than we were last YR but the kids are buying eachother gifts with their $$$) even though if they even just drew me a picture of a hippo I’d like it but I doubt anyone will even bother.

I also burned my finger on a hot waffle and now it even has a blister, the 21 YR old’s friend tried poutine for the first time and she loved it and said it was “Heavenly”, I try to read some articles in my hubby’s “New Scientist” magazine to get smarter but have trouble understanding it and it just makes me feel even dumber, and my mother and hubby’s excuse why they never tell me anything is I’ll “just go and put it on my blog” but they still never told me things even BEFORE I HAD a blog so that just doesn’t “fly.” They just like to exclude me and push me out of the family.

I also heard on the news the provincial Liberal gov’t wants us to donate our income tax refunds to help THEM pay off their debt! What NERVE! People would be more likely to donate $$$$ to ISIS than to help the gov’t pay off their debt! Are they KIDDING? They can just f*ck OFF,and the newly elected federal Liberal gov’t says they want to ban spanking now too and make it illegal and if parents do it they can be JAILED! There goes the Big Brother Nanny State thinking it knows “best” again even though families should decide what’s best for them and their kids. We don’t spank personally ( we take away priviledges) but I also don’t think it’s the gov’t’s place to dictate to parents how to raise their kids,either.