Merry Christmas!

XMas#3 Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus! “Aunt Flow” decided to show up yesterday, a day late, just in time for church and for Christmas today, complete with awful cramps. It has a habit of always coming at the WORST possible time! Ugh. I just want to rip my uterus out with scissors. I don’t think my new diuretic’s working,either: instead of losing weight( with losing my fluid I’m retaining) I’ve GAINED 3 pounds…and I’m actually peeing LESS. I also look jaundiced as well. Good grief. Nothing can just work the way it’s supposed to for me, can it?XMas2015 This is also our second Christmas with Buddy( and I got him a stocking and rawhide chewies) and when I got back from Mass last night I got a nice surprise: our oldest had surprised me by coming up from Alberta for a visit just like he did in my dream! They even had him all wrapped up for me like a Christmas gift for me to unwrap and he’s the best gift ever! I was so surprised(esp. as he said he didn’t think he could get the time off work or afford the airfare) and he’s staying until 3 January. My “herbalist” came last night as well and I told him that he was my “Santa” as I’m happy I won’t have a migraine for Christmas now I have more “herb” and the 17 YR old remarked that “not everyone’s drug dealer comes to their house like yours does!”

XMas2015#2 I had a melt-down and panic as well: it was just 2 days before Christmas and I was waiting frantically for a package I’d ordered which was the 12 YR old’s Christmas gift and every day I would watch and wait eagerly for the Fed Ex truck and now I was running out of time… I decided to go online and track the package….and it said it was already delivered last WEEK and signed for by the 21 YR old….but where was my package? No one ever told ME it had arrived and I was frantically looking all over for it….as it turned out it had been wrapped and put under the tree with all the other presents and had been sitting there for the past week! It was here the whole time and I had no idea and here I was waiting for it! It had actually arrived just 2 days after I’d ordered it!

The 21 YR old also says that ugly girls (like me) become lesbians because they’re so ugly that no guys want them and it made me ponder that if I did an experiment and went to a gay bar if anyone would try to pick me up….or if I’m still even too ugly even for the lesbians,too? That’s just really depressing.