Our Christmas.

OurXMas2015 For Christmas yesterday we also had my father-in-law over and we had the traditional big dinner in the diningroom. The kids also each had to fill a sibling’s stocking only some didn’t go so well: the 21 YR old ended up with an eggplant in his, the 14 YR old got a screwdriver and wrench in hers, and the 17 YR old got a crust of bread, a couple of cookies and a handful of pretzels; whatever the kids just picked up around the house and tossed in even though they were *supposed* to go to the Dollar Store and get stuff that they know they’d like. As for me, I never even GOT a stocking; I just got my chocolates in a plastic bag!

OurXMas2015#2 I saw Patti as well while out walking Buddy for one of his walks so we had a visit.OurXMas2015#3 We walked around the block together with our dogs and talked before she went off to her kids’ house. I never even got any gift at all from my hubby and all I got from my mother was a pack of chips and it was even the kind that I don’t even like, but the 12 YR old drew me a cute picture of a hippo(and she LOVED the Obama bobblehead I got her), the 21 YR old’s friend got me a cool Rasta hat(I love it!)and the oldest gave me a bong! The 8 YR old asked what it was and I replied, “Uh, it’s a flower vase!” The 21 YR old also had these funny 8X10 photos taken of himself and autographed them and handed them out to everyone like he was a celebrity.

On Christmas Eve the kids also went to a Japanese restaurant and the 21 YR old dared the 16 YR old he’d give her 100$ if she’d put this fist-sized ball of wasabe mustard into her mouth and keep it there for 7 seconds. It was like a ball of Play-Doh and really hot and spicy…..but she did it(while they were filming) and she got her 100$! Gee….I’d eat a big ball of SHIT for 100$!

Christmas actually went better than I thought I would; usually it’s a hard day for me to get thru but it was ok(but if it weren’t for the 12 YR old, our oldest visiting, and the 21 YR old’s friend I wouldn’t have had any gifts) and our oldest said it was – 22 C  with snow in Edmonton when he left and they had to de-ice his plane and yesterday it was 16 C here and we broke a 70 YR record! It’s disappointing to the 21 YR old’s friend though as coming from California she was hoping to see snow, but she’s still here for another week so maybe….

So now the rush and stress of the holiday season is over, but now the clean-up begins,and the undoing of the decorations, tree, and lights is just as big of a job though,too, and that all falls onto me…..uuuuugggghhhh…