My Gifts.

XMasGifts Here are the gifts I got for Christmas: the bong I got from the oldest (he’s such a card but I really appreciated it and can use it and thought it was sweet), a cute hippo drawing from the 12 YR old,and a crocheted “Rasta”-style hat from the 21 YR old’s friend visiting from California. The oldest joked that he, the 21 YR old,and I should have a bong party. I can be the “Cool Mom” and have some “bonding” time with my sons, ha,ha. The 17 YR old and his friend said they want to join in as well but they’re underage and not 18 yet, so too bad…In actual fact though the kids have really never seen me smoke my “herb” for my migraines. It’s something I do in private, like taking a shit.The oldest said that it’s every kid’s dream to get high with their parents but I’ve never heard that before; I wonder if that’s really true or if he’s just saying that?

OurXMasLights#2 This is also a picture of our outdoor Christmas lights. We have easily at least over 1000 lights and I bet they can even see them from the International Space Station! Yesterday my hubby and the kids went to shopping for Boxing Day but I wisely stayed home, not wanting to get trampled in the stampeding herd; it’s INSANE! The boys also went to a friend of the oldest’s and stayed overnight and the 17 YR old  did “payback” for the time when he was 7 and he accidently broke his arm playing on the trampoline all those YRS ago: they held him down and drew penises all over him and “broke” him doing their jiu-jitsu moves on him,and then later they used one another as B.B. gun targets and now they all have these red welts on their chests! Boys!!

My left arm was also numb and then later on I felt these sharp painful twinges and zaps in my chest so I wonder if I’m going to have a heart attack, even though my echocardiogram was normal? Maybe I’m reacting to my new diuretic? Maybe now my potassium level is too high or something….It’s still not getting rid of any of the fluid either, leading me to think it’s probably most likely an adrenal tumour rather than over-active adrenal glands causing my issues and until it’s removed the fluid will continue to accumulate…